Photograph Restoration

Recently I was sent an email by a client who was looking at having an old family photograph restored as a present for his mother. Only to glad to help I asked if they could get the photograph to me so I could take a look at it.

The photograph is all the way over in Australia and with a small chance of being lost in transit this was simply not an option. The only way round this was a digital version to be sent to me.

The client had the original photograph photographed on a smart phone and emailed over to me. Not the best way of doing it but not wanting to let any client down I took a look at the image.

The original image was not in great shape and the quality of the smart phone image was not great either with reflections from the flash, a colour cast and a low resolution file.

I set to work first removing the colour cast and gradually increasing the image size and working hard to reduce noise. I then spent a few hours removing the reflections and damage that was on the original image.

I was eventually satisfied with the quality and after a brief chat with my client I placed an order with the printers.

Within 24hrs of placing the order a stunning 20"x16" Fine Art print printed on 3mm Foam Board was delivered to the studio. This is ready to hang as it is or can be framed.

It is not often we get the chance to work on restoring photographs but when we do we relish in the opportunity to reproduce a piece of a clients history.

The total restoration including printing was £55.00.

If you have any images you would like us to take a look at then please get in touch. The image must be copyright free or have the permission of the Copyright Owner for us to restore & print.

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