What do you do with your Photographs?

What do you do with your photographs?

Most of us now carry a camera of some form with us everywhere we go. Whether it be a digital compact, bridge camera, DLSR or our smart phone. We capture aspects of our lives on a regular basis and share our images with our friends and family but what happens to our pictures?

It is true what they say "The best camera is the one you have with you". No matter the quality of the camera we all have the chance to capture moments in still that years ago we would have sure missed.

Living in a digital world has some major draw backs though. What do you actually do with the images you capture? Most of us either keep our photographs on our phones or upload them to social media sites to share with our family and friends, our photographs rarely make it to print. Images are often lost forever when the computer decides that its time for an upgrade.

Dont run the risk of losing your cherished moments forever. There are many cheap or even free digital storage solutions available out there that will ensure you always have a copy of your photos should you lose them. Cloud storage is an inexpenive or often free option where you can upload your high resolution images for safe keeping. External portable harddrives are available for as little as £30.00 for 500gb storage. Backing up all your computer files on a regular basis easily for when that disaterous computer meltdown does happen.

As a child I can remember the boxes upon boxes of photographs in albums and the framed photos upon the wall. Magical moments were visited time and time again on a wet Sunday afternoon or when family members came to visit. This is surely what our photographs were intended for, to be proudly displayed on our walls and to be dusted off in an attempt to embarrass our children.

The range of print media available for your digital photographs is vast with canvas wrap, aluminium print and photobooks to name just a few. Printing your images has never been more affordable with many online photo printers offering upto 60 free prints when you sign up and other prints from just 5p each.

Be proud of the photos you take, print them and hang them on the wall for everyone to see. Once a year add all your photos together and have a photobook produced that documents all the major events throughout the year.

While we all love to take photographs of those special moments there is one other major drawback to digital photography. As a professional photographer I get to witness some amazing things but I rarely get chance to just enjoy what I am witnessing and the same will go for you too. Sometimes you need to put your camera down and witness those precious moments you will never see again.

That family wedding is a great example, there is almost always a professional photographer there to capture the day meaning you dont have to. Purchase a photograph of the ceremony from the photographer. I am not trying to increase my sales by saying this, I am simply saying sit back and witness the event. It is such a disapointment when I see the bride walk down the ailse with camera phones staring back at her, gone are the days when I could take that beautiful photograph of the Bride and her Father walking proudly down the aisle with wonderful faces awash with smiles gazing in amazement.

In conclusion enjoy photography, print your photographs and know when to put your camera down and enjoy the moment.

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