Blackgang Chine, Isle of Wight, Restricted area 5

We were lucky enough yesterday (5th April 2014) to be invited to the Grand opening of Blackgang Chine's new dinosaur attraction "Restricted Area 5".

Restricted area five hosts an array of state of the art Animatronic Dinosaurs that replaces its original static models that were installed in the park in 1972. The instalation of the original dinosaurs was featured on the BBC Childrens Show, Blue Peter and marked the start of Dinosaur Tourism on the Island.

The new attraction was officaily opened at 11am with hundreds of visitors packed into the park for the occasion. Those lucky first guests were treated to a Flash Mob Dance performed by the students and parents of the Isle of Wight Community Group "Wight Stars" (See Video).

Isle of Wight Radio were there and broadcast the event live to the Island while 2 T-Rex's strolled the park entertaining the guests.

After the official opening we made the most of the day and explored the park. We had a great time in the new attraction (a must for anyone), riding the roller coaster and the rest of the parks attractions.

Blackgang Chine is not to be missed and well worth a visit upon your trip to the Isle of Wight.


Blackgang Chine Website

Wight Stars CIC

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