How we made this shot - No editing trickery

How we made this shot - The Pouring Candy Shot

Since posting this in our Flickr page and Facebook Page we have been inundated with questions on how we made this shot. After responding to several people, we decided it would be easier just to post it here in our blog.

This was taken for a just for fun competition on a fb group that i run. Each week i set a theme to encourage members to experiment with different forms of photography. This particlar week the theme was "Trickery". Now you will have to forgive me for this but there is no trickery involved in the making of this image.

A few days before making this image, we had a model shoot with the beautiful Hollie Thornett, based on the classic "American Beauty" photograph. We wanted to add our own take on it so this popular candy classic, for whom we shall not name, acted as a stand in for the original Rose Petals. Read our blog on the shoot by clicking here. It seemed a shame to waste what was left so after eating some (Joking!) i rescued some for this idea.

Anyway back to this shot... You may be forgiven for thinking there was a lot of editing involved but you would be wrong.

The set up included...

  • A Sink that took an hour to clean (thanks kids)

  • 5 large bags of a famous candy sweet purchased from a store that sells everything for £1.00. We will leave you to decipher what these are.

  • 2 Pipe Cleaners

  • A Glue Gun & Cold Running Water and not forgetting a Plaster

  • Canon 7d & Nifty 50 Lens

From the description of what we used you have probably already worked out how we did it but just incase you have not...

We twisted 2 pipe cleaners together to give it some strength. We then glued candy all over the pipe cleaners being careful not to burn your fingers. After this had all dried we hooked the end of the pipe cleaner into the opening of the tap and wedged the bottom against the sink. We then poured the rest of the candy into the sink and hey presto we were ready to shoot.

Have fun giving it a go and dont eat the candy that you have glued

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