SNOW FRIGHT - A Halloween Photo Shoot

This shoot was the brain child of Jo Lofthouse, Isle of Wight Make Up & Face Paint. Whilst working with Jo on another project, she mentioned that she had a great Idea for a collaboration shoot.

We loved this idea from the start but wanted to adopt a more Horror Movie feel rather than the usual Photography Style that you see released at Halloween. A lot of planning went into mood setting, freaky poses and video scenes to tie it all together. Jo handled costume and Make Up. We hope you enjoy the final results.

We had loads of fun on this shoot but left the woods a little freaked out.


Model - Bonita Sampson

Make Up & Costume - Jo lofthouse

Photography - Stewart Gibbs

Videography & Video Editing - Lynzey Gibbs & Stewart Gibbs

Production Assistants - Carmen Angelique & Dan Green

Location - Firestone Copse, Isle of Wight

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