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I would like to start by thanking you for visiting the new look website. For those of you who had seen the old website I hope you like the changes we have made.

I have been toying with the idea of writing about this subject for a while but have always felt as though it may come accross a little big headed or conceited. After umming are Arhhing for a while I felt that now is the time to do it. As a small business owner I need to put myself out there and worry less about the little things, so here goes...

When myself and my wife, Lynzey opened the studio almost two years ago we had a vision of creating something new in what is already a very competitive market. We think we have achieved this but it does not stop there. We never stand still and are always striving to be better, create something new and take the business further.

Over the last two years we have invested a lot of money, time and effort into what we have today and we shall continue to do so until the sad day that we have to close our doors for the last time (with a little luck that will be retirement).

I have over twenty years photography experience from when I first picked up a camera in my early teens. I learnt my craft on a film SLR and had a Darkroom at the age of twelve and was producing images from film to print by hand. Photography is very rewarding for me, whether you are capturing something new and exciting, the happiest day of someones life or handing over prints to a client that brings a tear or smile to their face: there is just no feeling like it.

Childrens Portrait

To capture images that evoke emotion is no easy task. Spending time with the client to ensure they are settled and comfortable infront of the camera is just the start. Most family sessions last 30-45 mins but we allow 60-90 mins to ensure you are not rushed and if extra time is needed then we have it.

Children offer a whole new set of challenges. Upon booking most parents warn us about their children (although it never puts me off); some are shy, some not and some don't like having their photographs taken. To this day (as I touch wood) we have never had a child who has walked away from a session without a smile. We use puppets, bubbles, music and my funny face's to engage children in the shoot.

If you are still not sure whether the children will enjoy it CONTACT US and we can get you in for a free test shoot (about 10-15mins).

Family Portrait

The main style of our shoots is High-Key timeless. Using a pure white seamless vinyl backdrop creates clean, crisp and beautiful images that look fantastic printed in any media. Another great benefit of this is that it is timeless and can be easily replicated in 20 years time if you so wish. To help create the timeless look we ask that you wear plain clothing with no large logos. Similar colours work well like jeans and white t-shirts. We do ask that you don't wear shoes for the shoot as childrens feet can look very clumpy in shoes. When choosing your outfit bear in mind what you will wear on your feet, barefoot is best or plain matching socks work well too. You can always bring a spare outfit for everyone as we have a dressing room available.

Childrens Portrait 2

The cost of our Family Portrait Sessions is £45.00 which includes a standard 12"x8" print worth £25.00. The free print is a nice size that can be framed and mounted to 16"x12" inexpensively using one of the islands great frame retailers or framers. We can advise you on the best types of frames for your photographs. Every image that you purchase you will also receive a web sized digital file.

We are not the cheapest on the Island and we certainly are not the most expensive but I can guaruntee that we are of a very high standard and quality. You will find those who offer 5-10 images on a disc for £50.00 but you should be cautious as to the quality of the images that they produce. Many of the cheap deals on the island are offered by hobby photographers with a home studio whose quality is somewhat not what you should expect for your money (there are some exeptions).

No hard sell "guarunteed" our prices are on the website. You choose what you want, the quantity you want and the sizes you want with no influence from us. All the products that we offer have been hand picked for their high quality and the value for money they offer. (No inkjet prints from us)

As a personal choice I would rather have one high quality print for £45.00 than a disc of images that I would not wish to hang on my wall.

I hope you can see from the images on this blog and throughout the website that the portraits we produce are nicely lit, posed well, have nice colours and are clean and sharp.

Family Portrait 2

While you have a look around our website take a look at the other services we offer.


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