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Back in June 2015 we had a young student on work experience with us from Medina High School on the Isle of Wight.

Our usual work load consists of family portraits and commercial shoots so we thought it would be nice to plan something a little different for a day.

Working alongside the Islands most talented makeup artist (MUA) Jo Lofthouse of Isle of Wight Make Up & Face Paint is always great fun and produces some great images for both our portfolios. Please pop over to her website http://www.isleofwightmakeupandfacepaint.co.uk/

We wanted to give our student the chance to see what goes into planning a shoot (although this was a small one). It is important for upcoming photographers and artists to know that to create images that you are happy with that you must plan every stage of the shoot.

Our normal planning stages can take up to 18 months depending on what we want to achieve.

The planning consists of...

- The initial Idea

- Finding and dressing locations & sets

- Planning the make up

- Planning clothing

- Finding the correct model

- Planning each shot (One shot we wanted to do took months of research and testing to achieve, see appendix 1)

- Reseaching

- Planning editing

- Planning end production

Appendix 1

We wanted to create this very sureal and horrifing image as part of a halloween set we produced last year.

This particular shot produced a huge challenge and took months of trial and error in the planning stages to create it without the use of heavy photo manipulation.

There are a few shots similar to this online but they are all side profiles as it is easy to create. For what we wanted to achieve side profile image would not cut the mustard.

We were very pleased with the results.

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