Taking a bet on each other - A Las Vegas Wedding

It is not every day that you get the chance to see your big sister tie the knot especially in Las Vegas.

I rarely write blogs about weddings but I could not resist this one. My big sister got married to her soulmate Ben and it was the most amzing day ever! I have to share this with you all.

29th December 2015 was to be a very special day for Natasha & Ben. It was not only Natasha's 40th Birthday but it was also their big day, today they were going to get married. We met up with the happy couple and their guests for Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower in the Paris Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Breakfast was special with Champagne Toasts to the Bride & Groom on the Outside Terrace with the glorious Vegas sunshine filling everyone with joy ready for a busy day.

As in true wedding day style not everything was to go to plan. The flowers were brought up to the room by the Bellboy and to the horror of everyone... They were dead! What a lovely gift to receive on your big day. With a few phonecalls from your Chief Bridesmaid everything was sorted and the flowers were re-delivered to the venue and made it there alive. Crisis diverted and luckily the only issue of the day. The girls were then able to relax and enjoy a pampering session with the MUA and Hair Stylist whilst continuing on another bottle of Champagne.

It was almost time to head off downstairs to meet the limo for the journey towards Downtown Las Vegas for the ceremony.

Setting off through the corridors of the Bellagio, the three girls all looked radiant and stunning. I fought back the tears of joy (for a short while anyway) as my sister, full of nerves and exitement started on the final path to join the love of her life.

Heading through the busy Casino of the Bellagio, Natasha must have felt like a Disney Princess. Every head turned, Cheers and applause rang out accross the Casino floor as the girls made their way to the lobby.

My sister had booked a local Professional Photographer to photograph the ceremony leaving me free to witness such a special occasion although I could not resist capturing these special images. We arrived at the Neon Boneyard, the time had come. Pastor Pete met Natasha as we arrived in the Limo. He could only be described as a Character.

The service was beautiful, which was a surprise as I expected the steriotypical White Chapel Drive through and Elvis as the officiater. This could not be further from reality. The venue was unique and breathtakingly beautiful, with a backdrop of vinatage Las Vegas Neon Signs that had come to retire from the hustle and bustle of the city. The ceremony was simple and romantic with a little humour from Pastor Pete to calm any nerves. The seven guests were treated to an intimate front row view of the love that Natasha and Ben have for one another.

After the ceremony, formal photographs, lots of Champagne and Canapes we were all treated to a stretch limo tour of the Las Vegas Strip with many more bottles of Champagne.

We arrived at the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino for the wedding dinner at an elegant french restaurant called Andre's. We were tantilised with a five course fine dining experience in an upstairs private area. Champagne & Wine flowed all evening and everyone was relaxed and having fun. Natasha's Cheif Bridesmaid, Michelle gave a lovely speach which left everyone with tears of Joy and Laughter. I tried to say a few words to tell Natasha how proud I am of her and that herself and her new husband Ben are perfect for each other but the Champagne had now taken over and I came accross as a blubbering wreck but I think they understood what i was attempting to say.

The evening was perfectly finished off with an exclusive visit to the restaurants wine cellar to capture this image and then onto the Whisky and Cigar room where we sat in comfort around the large open fire with a choice of a huge array of Whiskey, Brandy and fine Cigars. I am not sure what it was but we were all weary eyed by now. We were ready to retire for the evening, besides we had to be up for a Champagne Breakfast that turned out to be Brunch.

Las Vegas is not a city that I would have ever thought of visiting but it turned out to be the best holiday that I have ever had and the highlight of the whole week was this one special day where I was to witness my beautiful, kind and wonderful sister marry the love of her life (I still shed the odd tear thinking of it).

Congratulations Ben and Natasha. I wish you many years of joy and happiness together xxx

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