Lisa & Micky - An Engagement Shoot

There is nothing I enjoy more than to break out of the studio for a few hours and meet my clients at a place that holds a special place in their hearts. On Friday last week I was given the chance to meet Lisa & Micky in just such a place for their engagement / pre-wedding shoot.

We headed to Shanklin Chine on a glorious spring afternoon. An engagement shoot is the perfect opportunity to get together before the wedding so the happy couple can see how I work and we can get to know each other a little better. Getting to know my clients better ensures that I can get a feel of their personalities which then helps me on the day to get the most out of the pictures.

The bridge (pictured above) is where Micky proposed to Lisa, so this was a must place to stop for some pictures. Lisa told me how romantic the proposal was. Lisa was laden with shopping bags, coats and had the children in toe when Micky got down on one knee and popped the question. It was obviously perfect timing as the answer was "Yes", hence we were doing an engagement. shoot.

I was not going to add another picture of the bridge here but I had to tell you the story behind this one. Lisa and Micky are peering over the side of the bridge as they could hear a strange noise coming from underneath. Thinking it was a rare bird they leaned over so far that I was concerned they were going to fall over. It turned out that there was a member of the maintenance staff fixing something, either that or it was a troll.

The Chine really is a stunning place and is one of Lisa & Micky's favourite places on the Island. I have not been to the Chine in about 10 years which Lisa gave me a bit of an ear bashing for. I live and work within five minutes drive from here and have no excuse. It is really sad at how much of the Island that I have not been too but I will be bringing my family here during the summer.

I think they thought there was a log flume.

Shanklin Chine is full of beautiful plants and flowers. We stopped for a while to take in what the Chine has to offer.

We stopped off at another very picturesque bridge for some photos. It was becoming evident to see just how perfect they are for one another. A very playful, happy and friendly couple who radiate love for each other. I can see that I am really going to enjoy spending their special day with them. It is always an honour to be asked to document one of the biggest days in a couples lives.

We arrived at one of their favourite places in Shanklin Chine, and it was easy to see why. A quiet little place that looks out across Shanklin Esplanade and towards Sandown. It is a beautiful place to sit and have a moment together (not easy with me snapping away).

Lisa said they have always struggled to get a nice picture in this area as the background gets blown out. I was able to balance the natural light from behind with the speedlight to give a nicely exposed shot throughout the range. I hope we did this one justice for them.

We headed off to the tea rooms for a drink and natter. Lisa and Micky are not Island residents but have decided to get married here for very romantic reasons (a story not for me to share). After a couple of hours with them I felt like I had known them for years and as a mentioned somewhere above I really cant wait to photograph the wedding and meet the rest of their family.

Good luck guys and I hope you like your pictures.

Don't forget to visit the Shanklin Chine website and later pay them a visit. Well worth the entrance fee. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE SITE

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