Protect your dog - Photo Shoot Tips

We love nothing more than to get out of the studio during the summer months for some location pet portrait sessions. The great weather that the summer offers encourages many of our clients to opt for a location photo shoot instead of a studio session but the heat of the season is hidden with many dangers for your family pet.

We have compiled a list of tips below to get the most out of your session whilst ensuring the safety of your four legged friend.


Whilst travelling to your appointment by car, ensure that there is a constant supply of cool fresh air.

Never leave your dog unattended in a locked car and make sure that they are properly restrained during travel.


Consider having your pet groomed before the session. not only will your pet feel much more comfortable but they are likely to look a lot better in your photographs. If you are feeling uncomfortable in the hot weather just imagine how your dog feels.


Book your session during the cooler hours of the day. Early morning or Evening are usually the best times to take your dog out. Most places tend to be busy during the day so booking at these times also helps to keep other people out of your photographs.


Bring a plentiful supply of cool fresh water with you. We will also do our best to find shaded areas to rest your dog throughout the session.


If it does become hot during the session keep your dog away from Sand and Asphalt that may burn their paws


After the session you should check your pooch over for Ticks and Stings. Pay particular attention to the paws and ears. Consult your Vet for advice.


Pet portrait sessions usually look a lot better when your pet is photographed without a lead. As the owner of your pet you should ensure the safety of other people at all times. If your dog can not be let off her lead in public you must request a studio session. Should your pet display any aggression prior to or during your session we reserve the right to terminate the appointment immediately.


Bring your dogs favourite toy with you to the shoot. Although sticks look a lot more natural in the photographs, they can easily splinter and cause injury. Natural rope toys look great and are available from most local pet shops.

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