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Its a tough decision, which photographer do you choose for your wedding photography? There is a lot to take into consideration to ensure that your photographer will provide you with everything that you need.

It is highly advisable that you meet with your photographer prior to making any booking with them. You and your Photographer should "Gel", remember you are trusting them to document one of the most amazing days of your life; second only to the birth of a child and getting your new signed Paloma Faith CD in the post. I could really go on for hours about what you should check with photographers that make it to your shortlist such as insurance & qualifications but that's not what this blog is all about (maybe it will be the next).

This blog is more to do with expectations. You have probably trawled through websites looking at their images and thinking WOW!, but if you are expecting those very high quality thought out images then you may be a tinsie-bit disappointed when you get your photographs back from your photographer when you return from a romantic honeymoon away.

See the problem is that photographers will only ever show you their best work on their websites, social media and example albums and this in my opinion is not a real representation of the photographers standard of work. A wedding day for a photographer is quite a high pressure experience, they simply do not have the time to pose everyone perfectly and in the best lighting situations. More often than that we have to deal with what the day throws us, capturing moments that are fleeting by nature. That is not to say you wont get those Wall Art/Album Standard photographs because you will. Every Photographer will put the hard work and hours in to ensure you get what you pay for. All I am saying is Don't expect all your photographs to be technically perfect, there are special moments that we capture for you as a memento of your day that probably will not make the cut for an album.

To cut a long story short, I like to be transparent with my clients and rather than having example albums of all my best work I will show you my true standard of work. I will show you my 2 latest (finished) weddings in full; nothing added, nothing removed.

To see an example of a full wedding that will give you an idea of what to expect from us Click Here.

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So what do we offer with our Full Day Package?

Our Full Day Package is just as it sounds, it really does include everything but it starts much earlier than that. After we have met and gone through some examples and completed the paperwork we shall meet up again for a Pre-Wedding / Engagement Photoshoot.

The Engagement shoot is a wonderful way for us to meet again and spend an hour or two together. This is where we can have a little fun and get to know one another properly. This is a great chance for me to really understand your personalities and relationship, which is perfect for myself to tailor your photography around you both as a couple. You will leave the session with a greater understanding of how I work and how your photography will work on the big day. From this session you will get to choose an image for your signing card that we will bring to your reception for your guests to sign and leave messages. We will later swap this image for a Wedding Photograph and Frame it ready to hang on your wall. The rest of your images will be added to your wedding USB stick. We can email you with any Photographs from the shoot for your Order of Service etc.

On the wedding day itself: I will be with you for when the Makeup Artist (MUA) and Hair Stylist arrive, covering everything from getting ready to flowers, shoes and dresses. We will then be heading over to your wedding ceremony ready to capture your arrival and the Groom waiting nervously for the Bride to arrive. Walking down the aisle, exchanging the rings, first kiss & signing the register is a magical experience and something we aim to capture in all its glory (please note that we are sometimes a little restricted to where we can stand and what we can take pictures of. It is advisable to check with your venue). After leaving the wedding venue/church we will be looking at starting your Formal Family Photographs and then off to your Wedding Breakfast / Reception to capture the speeches, first dance, cutting the cake and all of the fun of the occasion. All weddings are different and timings and venues are all worked around your arrangements.

Finishing off the evening with three hours of our Party Corner / Photobooth with props and unlimited photographs printed instantly on your bespoke template for your guests to take away.

Everything is supplied on a heart shaped USB with permissions to print and share as you like. If you would like us to come and see you for an informal, no obligation chat Contact Us ( Mine is Tea 2 sugars)

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