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Hi Guys,

Well its been a fab week here at SGP with us taking on some first class jobs for our Event Photography Specialism. As well as this we are over the moon to launch our NEW Youtube channel full of exciting and inspiring videos.

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Anyone who has ever spent any time in my company will know how much of a GEEK I am when it comes to photography. I turned professional in 2012 but way way back before then when I was just a wee 12 year old boy in 1992 I was lucky enough to be given my first ever Film, Yes you heard it a very retro, DSLR camera by a forensic photographer who was friend of my brothers. Within a year my my heroes Mum & Dad built me a purpose built darkroom in the cellar, where I would spend hours developing and printing hand crafted prints. Now for me photography has never changed, obviously the equipment has, but the concept of creating something that you have dreamt up in your imagination most definitely has not.

Now dont get me wrong here as I am not complaining... Since turning pro the time that I have been able to do my own thing has declined massively. I was running a very popular & successful portrait studio on the Isle of Wight. I loved it and the tears of joy that were shed by doting parents whilst sat in the viewing area will always be a massive highlight of my career but I needed a change. Skipped forward a little while and I closed the studio and am concentrating on the Event Photography side of the business with the onsite printing facilities: which has changed the whole dynamics of available time.

So in celebration of this new found time I am going back to my creative side and along a journey that I would love to share with you all...

I have split the channels videos into three main groups...


This collection of videos is about using your imagination to try something different. We aim to inspire photographs to learn from our ideas and dream up images of their own. We are mindful that all projects should be affordable to complete and take up as little space as possible so they can be done at home on a rainy day when its not ideal to head out with your camera. Some of the projects can also be done on your phone camera.


Landscape Photography is about so much more than just getting an image, its about getting out and seeing the world (whether this is outside your front door or thousands of miles away). There is a common misconception that landscape photography is for Sunrise & Sunset but there are images to be had at any time of the day and every season of the year. Join us through our videos where we will inspire you to grab your kit and head out. If you see me on your travels make sure you come and say hi (i'll be the one with a cuppa tea in my hand).


Lets get personal when we delve into the world of Portrait Photography. Learn about getting the most out of your model, concepts, shoot planning, lighting and editing. You will always see me at my happiest when I am creating portraiture from a concept that has been drummed up from my inner soul. All these projects will be affordable with minimal equipment. Shall we head out on location or set up a home studio?

I hope that you will join our journey by subscribing to our channel HERE

If you have any questions, queries or subjects that you would like us to cover CONTACT US

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