7 Reasons to Renew your Vows

Every couple is unique, something about one another draws you in, sets your heart ablaze... That's why you got married in the first place, right? If you have thought about renewing your vows? This blog could be for you.

Here are 7 reasons to say 'I Do' take 2...

1. You didn't get the wedding you wanted

Maybe your dream venue was not available, maybe your budget wouldn't allow for the big affair you had been dreaming of, maybe you had to compromise on a few details or you just want to scale everything back to make it just about the two of you. A renewal of vows ceremony will give you the opportunity to create the day you really wanted, giving you your dream day with a lot less of the stress.

As I am a professional wedding photographer I should really point out that you can also get those dream pictures that you always wanted too.

2. A bump in the road

Life can be tough, finances, health and other testing times have made the journey hard, but you have survived and come out the other end stronger than you have ever been before. Renewing your vows could signify you both wiping the slate clean and starting afresh.

Although, renewing your vows should not be used as a 'last ditch attempt' to save your marriage. It takes time to mend scars in a relationship, quick fixes just don't exist.

3. Celebrate a milestone

Maybe you are celebrating a landmark anniversary, 2,5,10 maybe 20 or 30 years, congratulations, your obviously made for each other. With approx. 42% of marriages in the UK ending in divorce, you are obviously a couple who believe in the promise that you made to each other. Reaffirming your vows is a magical experience which will bring those memories of your wedding flooding back.

4. Change your vows

As we grow older and wiser, our attitudes towards life and the future changes. Maybe the vows that you made on your wedding day do not reflect your goals and aspirations for the future. Writing and making new promises that reflect your thoughts and feelings, may be the perfect way to express just how much you love your partner.

5. It's an excuse for a party

If this is your only reason for choosing to renew your vows, your probably wasting your money, a good party can be held for just about any family occasion, but if you consider this a reason along side any other then, why not?

You can never spend enough time with your nearest and dearest friends and family. Celebrating the occasion with those that you love, is just what those that you love, want to celebrate with you. It could have been some years since you got married and you will get to share the occasion with new members of your family and friends, that you could not celebrate with the first time around.

6. Just because your still madly in love

What better reason to renew your vows than just being, madly in love. You have shared everything together through-out your marriage, united together in everything that life has had to throw at you. You have battled off everything that wants to tare you apart, laughed and cried at both hard and good times, but you've done it, you have made it and still feel crazy for each other. There is nothing wrong with a little romance, and telling each other that you still

7. Honeymoon take 2

Finding time to spend together can be tough, with hectic family lives and careers that don't give you as much time as you would like together, taking a holiday could be just what the doctor ordered. This is not the best reason to renew your vows, yet when you consider it along with other reasons, its a no brainer. Take that dream holiday as a couple or even a family getaway, its about spending quality time together and celebrating why you were married in the first place.

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