Planning your Wedding Fireworks Display

If you are considering the addition of a little sparkle or some big bangs to your special day, there is a few things you will need to consider.


The last thing you want to do is to plan an extravaganza of mesmerising fireworks and shelling out your hard earned money, for the whole thing to come to a fizzy end when your venue tells you that you cant have your display.

Whilst some venues will be OK with you holding a fireworks display, others would prefer you to stick to some sparklers.

As many of you will know, I moved from the Isle of Wight recently, where a simple fireworks display took a devastating turn of events when a fire broke out on the roof of the Ryde Castle Hotel, in March 2012, which gutted a large part of the hotel, forcing them to close the hotel for many months.


Should the venue allow you to hold a fireworks display, they are likely to require you to book a professional pyrotechnic company. A professional company will be able to choreograph a display to your tastes and liking, removing any anxiety that you may have about doing your own.

When looking for the right pyrotechnic company, online research will help you narrow down a small list of vendors to make further enquiries with. Check their reviews and insurance as well as checking reviews on social media and third party websites.

Obviously, venue allowing, you can always do your own display. Whilst this might save you a few £££'s, you would need to consider taking out insurance, sourcing and storing the fireworks and finding a responsible (and sober) person willing to take on such a role.

Our advice would be to let the professionals take care of it for you.


A fireworks display can be amazing at anytime of the year and is guaranteed to WOW your guests during the evenings entertainment. However the time of year will influence how your display will pan out.

During the winter months as the sun sets much earlier in the evening, children are more likely to enjoy the display. The temperatures will be much lower than those of the summer months, so let them know in advance so they can bring a coat to keep warm.

During the summer, as the nights draw in much later in the evening, many guests with young children may head home early. Be sure to add the fireworks to the order of the day and enlist your Ushers, DJ and Toastmaster in getting everyone outside.

Remember this is Great Britain, where the only thing that can be relied upon is the unpredictable weather. High winds and rain may put a dampener on the whole thing.


You may be surprised at how often, as a wedding photographer, I am the last to know anything about what is going on during the day. I always ask for a wedding day schedule but usually find myself grabbing for some specialist kit and trying to get set-up in a hurry as I had no clue that something was planned.

Fireworks are an amazing opportunity for us to get some truly sensational shots of the happy couple together, enjoying the magic of the display or getting some images of the children and other guests as they marvel at the wondrous sights. Don't leave it to chance, tell us.

Some photographers may end the day at the first dance, but you can usually negotiate a small fee for them staying that little longer. I myself, when booked for the whole day, will most likely be with you until at least 11pm.

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