Should you: Feed your wedding photographer?

Should you feed your wedding photographer? This is a question we come across a lot and whilst we would like to answer this definitively, I can't! Ultimately it is you choice. Read on to find out my view, a wedding photographer of 10 years plus experience, and why I think that in most cases you should feed your photographer.

How long is your photographer working?

It is more than likely that your photographer has worked longer than any other of your wedding vendors. Turning up first thing in the morning to capture some amazing images of the bride and her party as they prepare for the day, right through to the first dance and beyond. It is not uncommon for your photographer to have put in around 12-15 hours with very little in the way of a rest.

We want to capture everything that goes on throughout the day, so whilst we may not take photographs of anyone eating, we are hanging around ensuring that we are ready for any special moments that may spontaneously occur.

If you have only booked a photographer to cover the ceremony and formal group photographs then providing the photographer with a meal is probably quite unnecessary.

Consider the weather?

This year, for me at least, seems to have been the hottest summer than I can ever recall. Working a long day in the sun, it is vital to stay refreshed and nourished to ensure that we are fit to work. If ever you see me work, you will notice that my enthusiasm and smile is just as great at 11pm in the evening than it was at 8am in the morning. It does not matter how I feel? I am there to provide you with the best possible service than I can. During the summer, I often go home feeling quite unwell as I have not had much of an opportunity for food or drink.

I quite often bring a lunch with me, but sat in the car all day, it is rarely edible by the time I have chance to get something.

I am already paying the photographer!

Wedding meals are not cheap, paying around £30-£50 a head, why would you spend that on your photographer? I personally do not expect you to, and no photographer should expect you to. It is totally up to you, if you have decided to provide them with a meal, it could be that you are happy for the photographer to take a seat with your guests and enjoy the same meal. Personally I don't mind what I get to eat, I am more than happy with a sandwich.

Speak to you venue or caterer and see what options they have available for your wedding vendors. Most venues offer a much more affordable menu for your vendors.


As I mention above, it is completely up to you whether you feed your photographer or not. You are likely to have a few meetings in the run up to your wedding day, where you could discuss your thoughts with them.

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